The Pennybacker (360) Bridge Facing the Fog
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10 Amazing Black and White Photos of Austin Texas

I lived in Austin TX for about six years not so long ago. Looking back at my time in Austin I regret not turning my lens more to everything that makes Austin so wonderful. Regret is pretty worthless though. So I'd rather look…
Inspirational Note - Cement Loop

An Inspiring Note about Art Left at Our Front Door

I arrived to my studio at Cement Loop today to find an amazing note folded and stuffed in the front door of the building. It read: I was homeless & destitute & your window inspired my life to create something. Thank you for saving…
Charles Manson Murderabilia Story

Two Degrees Separated From Charles Manson - A Murderabilia Story

Several years ago I worked at a picture framing business with a guy named Matt. Matt collected artwork and objects created by or associated with mass murderers. These types of collectibles are classified as Murderabilia. He had…