The Pennybacker (360) Bridge Facing the Fog
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10 Amazing Black and White Photos of Austin Texas

I lived in Austin TX for about six years not so long ago. Looking back at my time in Austin I regret not turning my lens more to everything that makes Austin so wonderful. Regret is pretty worthless though. So I'd rather look…
Inspirational Note - Cement Loop

An Inspiring Note about Art Left at Our Front Door

I arrived to my studio at Cement Loop today to find an amazing note folded and stuffed in the front door of the building. It read: I was homeless & destitute & your window inspired my life to create something. Thank you for saving…
Haunted House Wheelchair Freak

I Once Lived Above a Haunted House - Photo Series

Chapter 1. Interesting Places, Interesting People The girl and I head to a friend's art opening at a residential loft building. This place does not look like a residence. It is sandwiched among industrial businesses and scrapyards. It…
Sailing on Lake Travis

The Ladies of Lake Travis... and the Captain

Here's a photograph of our Lake Travis sailing crew last weekend minus me and one other dude. Basically the Captain and the ladies on the boat. Good fun, great crew and kick ass sail. Here's to you Captain Rick! Location: Lake…
Charles Manson Murderabilia Story

Two Degrees Separated From Charles Manson - A Murderabilia Story

Several years ago I worked at a picture framing business with a guy named Matt. Matt collected artwork and objects created by or associated with mass murderers. These types of collectibles are classified as Murderabilia. He had…
A chair next to the Cumberland River

What Will You Create that Will Make the World Awesome?

The quest for meaning and purpose in life can lead to a never ending series of rabbit holes. The best plans are often simple. So I have whittled down my purpose in life to one simple concept. One overarching goal. I am declaring it and…