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The Pennybacker (360) Bridge Facing the Fog
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10 Amazing Black and White Photos of Austin Texas

I lived in Austin TX for about six years not so long ago. Looking back at my time in Austin I regret not turning my lens more to everything that makes Austin so wonderful. Regret is pretty worthless though. So I'd rather look…
Austin Skyline from the Boardwalk at Ladybird Lake

How I Made These Dreamy Austin Skyline Photos

Learn how I made these dreamy color photographs of the Austin Skyline from the Lady Bird (Town) Lake Boardwalk during broad daylight.
Mickey and Mallory - Photograph of a Hummel Boy and Girl Figurines

Bringing Hummel Figurines to Life through Photography

I've been slowly working on this series since about 2007. Like many of my projects it began with exploration and then discovery. The exploration began by visiting antique malls with my camera and taking photos of anything and everything I…
Childrens playhouse with slide - black and white photograph

Cloverleaf Clubhouse

I recently sold all my Canon DSLR camera gear and invested in a new mirrorless camera kit including all new lenses. This image of the playhouse in our backyard was my first test using the Fuji XT1, Rokinon 12mm f/2 lens and a Hitech Formatt…

Somewhere in Montana

I was digging through my old film archive and discovered this landscape I captured when I was living in Montana. I have no idea where I was as this is how beautiful it is almost everywhere out there. That's why they call it the treasure…
Wooten Woods Retreat Geodesic Dome - Black and White Photograph

Wooten Woods Retreat Geodesic Dome

On April 5th, 2009, I attended the Wooten Woods Retreat opening party where I created this photograph of a beautiful geodesic dome on the property.
Photo of the sunset through the trees at Shelby Bottoms Park Nashville TN

Until Tomorrow - Shelby Bottoms Park Nashville TN

A photo of the sun setting through the trees at Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park in Nashville Tennessee.
Haunted House Wheelchair Freak

I Once Lived Above a Haunted House - Photo Series

Chapter 1. Interesting Places, Interesting People The girl and I head to a friend's art opening at a residential loft building. This place does not look like a residence. It is sandwiched among industrial businesses and scrapyards. It…
Pinnacle Building - Black and White vs. Color

Poll: Which is the Best Version of this Photo?

Help me decide which is the best version of this photograph of the Pinnacle Building, Nashville, TN. Color or Black and White? Leave your opinion.
Photo of clouds that look like waves

The Moon, Clouds and a Chair - June 19 Photos

Photos today from a different year. First Quarter Moon I personally love the simplicity and minimalism of this image. Just a first quarter moon hanging in the late afternoon sky. Waves of Cloud This is another minimal image that features…
Sailing on Lake Travis

The Ladies of Lake Travis... and the Captain

Here's a photograph of our Lake Travis sailing crew last weekend minus me and one other dude. Basically the Captain and the ladies on the boat. Good fun, great crew and kick ass sail. Here's to you Captain Rick! Location: Lake…
Photo of the Pennybacker Bridge at Night, Austin TX

The Pennybacker Bridge at Night

Earlier tonight I was relaxing on my back patio. The wind was blowing strong and I noticed some lighting in the distance. It just felt like a good night to grab my gear and head down the road to photograph the Pennybacker Bridge. I was…