Childrens playhouse with slide - black and white photograph

I recently sold all my Canon DSLR camera gear and invested in a new mirrorless camera kit including all new lenses.

This image of the playhouse in our backyard was my first test using the Fuji XT1, Rokinon 12mm f/2 lens and a Hitech Formatt Firecrest 16 Stop neutral density filter.

Let’s break down what is happening and what I’m testing.

The Fuji XT1 is compact and lightweight mirrorless camera body capable of capturing beautiful images.

The Rokinon 12mm is an ultra-wide angle lens able to capture a wide field of view. When creating this image I was only a few feet from the playhouse slide but still managed to bring in the backyard surroundings into the frame.

To blur the clouds and sky I added a 16 stop neutral density filter to the lens. Basically it’s like putting really dark sunglasses over the lens and slows light from hitting the image sensor. To make a correct exposure the camera’s shutter speed must be reduced significantly. For this image the shutter was open for about 8 minutes and 45 seconds during broad daylight.

With a neutral density filter anything in the picture frame moving will blur. Like the clouds. Anything not moving will remain sharp. Like the playhouse.

This image isn’t really a great example of the effect since there isn’t a wider field of view and more dynamic elements. Check out my photograph of the Austin TX Mueller Airport Control Tower for a better example of a daytime long expsore.

Now that I know that my Fuji camera, Rokinon wide angle lens and 16 stop neutral density filter can play nice together expect to see many more daytime long exposure images in the near future.