a chair next to the river

The quest for meaning and purpose in life can lead to a never ending series of rabbit holes.

The best plans are often simple. So I have whittled down my purpose in life to one simple concept. One overarching goal. I am declaring it and I highly recommend you declare it too. Here it is:

Create something that will make the world awesome

That’s it! Kid President speaks truth.

It took a little kid to ram a very simple yet powerful concept into my stubborn adult brain.

What I will Create to Make the World Awesome

If I’m going to leave the world anything awesome it should be something I’m relatively good at and passionate about.

For me it’s a no brainer. Art will be my legacy.

I love creating art and photography. It’s just what I do and always has as far as I can remember.

But that’s just part of it.

Art is only good if seen and appreciated. I have enormous pride that my collectors and their guests contribute equal part to why I create.

What Will You Create to Make the World Awesome?

Kid President also pleaded us to stop being boring. Doing things that do not contribute to our primary contribution to world awesomeness will lead us down Boring Road to Boring City.

What will you do to fight the monster of boring? What will you create to make the world awesome?

Leave your thoughts or plans in the comments below.