Dandelion Flower Abstract

By Matt Mikulla - June 1, 2022

Abstract black and white of a Dandelion flower

This image is the result of experimentation and exploration.

Often I select a camera lens and force myself to use that lens’s strengths while operating within its weaknesses. There are always tradeoffs with any camera lens.

Today I selected the Tamron SP MF 90mm F2.8 MACRO 1:1 (72B) as my weapon of choice.

It’s a vintage lens at this time. All manual focus and I use an adapter to connect it to my Fujifilm X-S10. No matter, it’s sharp as a razor and does what it was designed to do.

At first I was trying to make images of the blooming Lilac flowers on the tree in our front yard. This was an exercise of frustration as the wind was blowing and when using a macro lens like this so close up it is very hard to get adequate focus.

I walked around the yard a little more looking for subjects. I found some Dandelions in a bed that we haven’t removed yet and went to town trying to create compositions and keep just enough in focus.

I was working in color and then switched my Fuji camera to a black and white profile to simplify the image and composition.

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