Earth and Sky

By Matt Mikulla - June 3, 2022

Sky blue painted siding and handle with cracked earthy concrete beneath

The juxtaposition of color, textures, and composition has always interested me.

Back in the art school days I had to choose a painter and attempt a painting using their style and technique.

I chose to create a painting in Mark Rothko’s style.

Rothko emerged in the 1940’s and his compositions and style are simple at first. If you appreciate art you can see something more complex emerging from that simplicity.

I could have titled this piece “A Handle in the Sky When the Earth Cracks”. That would be too conceptual, and honestly, ridiculous.

Rothko was essentially a formal artist concerned with elements like composition, color, shape, balance, etc.

I’ve always related to formal art and find most conceptual art pretentious.

Titling this “Earth and Sky” is probably too conceptual, even for Rothko. He probably would have named this piece something like “Blue and Brown”. Guess I’ll be a little tiny bit pretentious with this photograph.

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