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Layered flyers with the text "ART" displayed and stapled to a message board

MM Art & Something Else

A black and white photograph of bits and pieces of flyers stapled to a message board and torn apart over time. The text “MM”, “Art”, “&”, “(unknown)”, and “E” are composed in the frame.

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Sky blue painted siding and handle with cracked earthy concrete beneath

Earth and Sky

Photograph of sky blue painted siding and handle with cracked earthy concrete beneath. Inspired by Rothko’s Color Field paintings.

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Abstract black and white of a Dandelion flower

Dandelion Flower Abstract

An abstract photo of a Dandelion flower taken close up with a macro lens creating an image similar to fireworks exploding.

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Cadillac Coupe DeVille in a Parking Lot in Front of an Auto Part Store

Cadillac Coupe DeVille

A black and white photo of a white Cadillac Coupe DeVille photographed in Missoula Montana.

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Austin Skyline Reflected Across Lady Bird Lake – Black and White Photograph

10 Amazing Austin Texas Black and White Photos

10 black and white photos of Austin Texas that I have selected to represent my time living in this amazing city.

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Austin Skyline from the Boardwalk at Ladybird Lake

How I Made These Dreamy Austin Skyline Photos

Learn how I made these dreamy color photographs of the Austin Skyline from the Lady Bird (Town) Lake Boardwalk during broad daylight.

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Hummel Figurine Photography Exhibition

Bringing Hummel Figurines to Life through Photography

A photo series of Hummel figurines created in antique malls across the country. View the photos and learn more about the series.

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Inspirational Note - Cement Loop

An Inspiring Note about Art Left at Our Front Door

I arrived to my studio today to find an amazing note about art from an anonymous person that was homeless and destitute. Read what it said here.

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Haunted House Wheel Chair Freak

Living Above a Halloween Haunted House – Photo Series

Once upon a time I lived directly above a Halloween haunted house. Screaming, chainsaws and death metal for a month every year. And I loved it.

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Charles Manson Murderabilia Story

Two Degrees Separated From Charles Manson – A Murderabilia Story

A story about I guy I know that collected Murderabilia and received Christmas cards from the legendary murderer Charles Manson.

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