Photo of the Pennybacker Bridge at Night, Austin TX

Earlier tonight I was relaxing on my back patio. The wind was blowing strong and I noticed some lighting in the distance. It just felt like a good night to grab my gear and head down the road to photograph the Pennybacker Bridge.

I was hoping for some more lightning but unfortunately the storm had passed by the time I arrived. Whatever. No excuses. I had clouds, a beautiful landscape and the slow steady stream of cars travelling down Texas State Highway 360.

I set up my tripod, attached an ultra-wide angle lens and dialed my camera in as best as possible in the dark. My exposure time was set to bulb (full manual). I triggered the shutter and enjoyed the beautiful scene in front of me.

This image was one of several exposures.

Because I live so close to this location it has become a little photo project. I am working on a series of images featuring the Pennybacker Bridge and Lake Austin. Images created at all hours of the day and in different weather conditions.

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