Print Sizes and Pricing

Style NamePrint Paper SizePrint PriceMatted & Framed SizeMatted & Framed Price
Accent (rectangle)8.5″ x 11″$4911″ x 14″$299
Accent (square)8.5″ x 11″$4912″ x 12″$299
Master (rectangle)13″ x 19″$9918″ x 24″$449
Master (square)13″ x 19″$9920″ x 20″$449
Gallery (rectangle)24″ x 36″$39930″ x 40″$999
Gallery (square)28″ x 28″$39934″ x 34″$999
Museum (rectangle)34″ x 50″$99940″ x 55″$1,799
Museum (square)34″ x 34″$99940″ x 40″$1,799

Print Materials

All prints are made with the best materials available and created to last a lifetime and more. From papers to inks, I craft my prints to be true works of art in personal, public and private collections across the world.

Papers and Surfaces

Papers used are archival and signature worthy. I usually choose a paper best for each image and size. I consider the choice of paper equally as important as the image.


To truly be a fine art print the inks used must be pigment based and archival. Normal office printers generally use dye bases inks that fade significantly faster than pigment inks.

Unless noted otherwise, I use Epson UltraChrome K3® pigment inks that are designed to work in harmony with my papers.

Unique Guarantees and Warranties

Relax. I want to make sure that you not only feel good, but feel great, about purchasing my artwork and photography.

I offer several unique guarantees and warranties that protect your investment in my career and work.

One Month 100% Money Back Guarantee

All artwork you purchase from me is completely 100% covered under my “take a month to decide” money back guarantee. If the piece doesn’t work for your situation or you are unsatisfied in any way you can return it for credit, refund or exchange.

Lifetime Fade-free Warranty

My artwork and photography is printed on the best fine art papers and surfaces using the best archival inks available for the type of print you purchase. These prints should remain resilient over a lifetime if displayed in the right conditions and out of direct sunlight. If your print ever fades I will replace it, no questions asked, as long as you are the original owner.

Lifetime Framing Warranty

I take my framing seriously. My family has over 40 years of picture framing experience. If my framing materials ever damage your artwork your are 100% covered. Just send me the piece and I will replace it. This warranty does not cover any of my artwork framed or assembled by third parties.

Personal Craft and Style Warranty

I guarantee that your art investment represents my unique style, vision and craft. My work and your investment is my legacy and I stand by that 100%.