Midnight Leaves – Multiple Exposure Color Photography Print

by Matt Mikulla

“Midnight Leaves” distills the complexity of nature into a luscious piece of artwork. Created when I fell in love and became obsessed with alternative photography techniques.

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If you ask me what is one of the most important images to the development of my style, technique and craft I would point you to this piece.

I created it early in my fine art photography studies. During that period I was exploring various alternative photography techniques. When I fell fell in love and became obsessed with photography.

“Midnight Leaves” was created using multiple exposures on 35mm film. Essentially exposing one frame of film multiple times to blend light and texture. No Photoshop layers. All in camera and on film.

The final exposure was developed using cross processing, a film developing technique where the film type is processed in the wrong chemical formula. Old school fashion photographers often used this method to give their images a special flavor.

Out of hommage and respect to this image I print it on thick archival fine art paper with museum quality inks. Not the stuff you get a Wallgreens. This is the real deal designed to honor your investment.

Do you love photography? Would you like to collect a piece created using lost fine art photography techniques?




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Matt Mikulla holding the black and white print "Skeleton"

About the Artist Matt Mikulla

Matt Mikulla is an artist and photographer currently based in Missoula, Montana. His subjects include (but are not limited to) landscape, architecture, toys and the abstract.

His art and photography is collected by both emerging and seasoned art collectors including numerous corporate collections such as: Fidelity Investments, National Institute of Health, and the Nashville Symphony.

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