About Matt Mikulla

Learn more about Matt Mikulla, the artist and photographer.

Matt Mikulla

I’m an artist and photographer specializing in fine art and photography.

I create and sell work to individual collectors, interior designers and art consultants .

My art and photography collectors include:

  • Emerging and seasoned art collectors
  • Government institutions
  • Universities and colleges
  • Corporations
  • Non-profits
  • Real Estate staging services
  • Hotels, restaurants and healthcare

My current home is Missoula Montana where I spend my time working on art in my studio and playing outside.

Previous to Missoula I have lived in Texas, Tennessee, Indiana and Ohio.

My interest in art started at an early age while being raised by a family in the picture framing business.

I studied studio fine art and received a minor in media arts at the University of Montana. My focus and attention went towards ceramics and photography. I eventually transitioned to photography when I fell in love with cameras and both traditional and digital darkrooms.

Throughout the years I have worked in the art supply business, as a professional picture framer, for numerous art galleries and as a professional artist.

In 2007 I opened up my personal art gallery and studio called Art Rogue. The space was located on the second floor in the historic Nashville Arcade building.

During that I period I created and exhibited my work monthly to thousands of visitors. I also had the opportunity to help create the Nashville First Saturday Art Crawl and Gallery District.

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