Texas Capitol Before the Storm – Austin Black and White Photography Print

by Matt Mikulla

A stunning black and white fine art photograph print of the Texas State Capitol Building before a massive storm. Printed and signed on fine art paper.

All prints come unframed unless otherwise noted.


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I almost died after taking this picture. But it was worth it.

This image features the Texas State Capitol Building, Austin, right before a massive storm.

This was my first time visiting the Capitol Building since moving to Austin.

I explored the grounds looking for interesting photographs. Security hassled me a few times. Photography is a crime you know.

A massive storm was approaching. I could feel the electricity in the air.

While on the north side I discovered the beautiful open-air rotunda that sinks beneath ground level several floors.

Looking across the rotunda I saw this majestic image of the Capitol Building rising into the agitated sky. Click!

With a prize photo I packed up to leave. Moments later it began to rain. Not drizzle, but dump titan size buckets of water.

I made way to my Jeep Cherokee. That thing can handle some rain. So I drove.

On my way home exiting the highway my Jeep ran into a wall of water several feet high. The truck hydroplaned and I almost went smashing into traffic and a cement wall. It was doom. My life flashed before my eyes.

Seconds later, but what felt like a lifetime, I recovered and made it up the off ramp above the flooded water.

After that, with my adrenaline jumping like popcorn popping I drove home through the torrential downpour at a snails pace. Better safe than sorry. Right?

When I got to my apartment I made a stiff cocktail. I hugged my dog. Grateful to be alive. Breath in breath out.


Crack! …


Lightning struck a power pole behind my apartment. I saw the explosion because I was sitting on my back porch drinking my cocktail.

Gotta check the weather. Why won’t my TV turn on?

Check the interweb. Ugh oh. Internet is out.

Then I realized that the lightning fried my TV, Apple TV and internet router, which were all on a nice, not under warranty, surge protector.

You know what?

Always make sure your surge protectors are registered and under warranty.

You know what else?

Almost losing my life and losing hundreds of dollars of electronics was a respectful sacrifice for this image.


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Matt Mikulla holding the black and white print "Skeleton"

About the Artist Matt Mikulla

Matt Mikulla is an artist and photographer currently based in Missoula, Montana. His subjects include (but are not limited to) landscape, architecture, toys and the abstract.

His art and photography is collected by both emerging and seasoned art collectors including numerous corporate collections such as: Fidelity Investments, National Institute of Health, and the Nashville Symphony.

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